New Notary Public Training

Our course is designed for first-time notaries seeking to fulfill the State's notary training requirement.


The cost for our award winning course is $45. That includes the video training and supplemental materials (slides for notetaking and practice test) essential for passing the State’s notary exam. Telephone, chat, and email support through the 4-year duration of notary commission.

Short & On-Demand

Just the information we're required to teach and information needed to pass the State's notary exam. About and hour & a half. It's On-Demand, so it's available whenever you are.

One Stop Shop

A discount is applied on required notary supplies. When purchased alongside training, our Notary Journal & Primer is $20 (instead of $25) and custom made stamps are $39.99 (instead of $45). Free Shipping

Practice Test

Our practice test simulates questions that are asked on the State’s exam.

Group Discounts

CNS offers a 10% training discount for groups of two or more.

Tax Exempt Entities

Tax exempt organizations with a valid tax exempt ID number can automatically deduct sales tax from their order.