Become A Colorado Notary Public

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CNS is the leading provider of notary training in Colorado. We train and support more notaries than anybody else. Based out of Westminster, CNS training is designed to give you just the information you need to pass the state's notary public exam and function as a good and capable notary.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Turns out I wasn't required to take your class, but I wanted to tell you how easy it was to navigate your site and take your online class. I looked at all of the other websites the State of Colorado had on their site first and from my point of view, yours is the best. Thank you.‎"

"GREAT Training!!! Andrew is GREAT!!! The knowledge he shared and the info in the Notary book is perfect. I went to the inperson training and I would suggest going, that was perfect and answered all of my questions. The entire process is defined very well. Suggest 100%"

Andrew's style is to take a rather dry subject and actually breath some life into it. I found this training to be very informative, professional and actually interesting. Plus, the website is very easy to use. I recommend it!

Very informative, clear and concise. Excellent one-on-one training and plenty of opportunity to ask/answer questions.

HELPFUL THRU WHOLE PROCESS One word to describe Colorado Notary Solutions - Awesome! I will reccomend using the online training course to anyone looking to get their Notary!!

I found the training valuable but especially liked your training style. You kept the topics moving. The handouts were very helpful for both tests.

Thank You for the 1 hour tutorial. Took the state test after the tutorial and answered 39 out of 40 correctly. Even after having my Notary for over 15 years (I let it expire for more than 30 days) I got a lot of good information out of the on line class. Thanks Again.